Living Too Late #2

Living Too Late #2 featured image painting by Mark Elliott Smith

Sitting down with artist Mark Elloitt Smith to discuss his latest painting ‘The Fixed But Fluid Pattern Of Absolute Suggestion’.

I’ve been working alongside Mark for about 10 years and it wasn’t until the first Covid lockdown in 2020 that we first started talking about our art practices and how we could start to work together to create more opportunities. I came up with the idea of an artist collective to help make exhibiting our work to the public more affordable, later the podcast was born and I discovered that I really like talking to people about their work.

Mark like most of us artists is dedicated to making paintings that are about so much more than himself, we discover that he unwittingly follows the Futurist doctrine of ‘Positive Change’, and we take a glimpse of the possibilities of his painting practice. As the title of this new painting suggests there is a dichotomy of meaning within the work which has us questioning form, colour and movement. Questioning whether the image is three-dimensional or flat, whether the forms within are moving outwards like an explosion or imploding.

The painting Mark as produced is meticulously finished with clean forms using the best acrylic paints you can find.


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