Living Too Late #8

Podcast 8

This podcast was our best one yet, sadly the video didn’t work this time. Also, it took my crappy computer 10 hours to render… If anyone would like to sponsor us with a new kick-arse computer, that would be nice #nvidia.

So we kicked off setting up the studio space wall with a couple of chosen art pieces, and a bit of banter whilst adjusting the kit. A very affordable print by Mark Elliott Smith and a painting made by yours truly. Firstly a special thank you to Stems Gallery Belgium and artist Nick Doyle, who kindly responded to my request to use their video on his website The first topic was on Bansky and his trip to Ukraine, #slavaukraine.

We also mentioned the clothing giant stealing one of Banksy’s prints to use in their shop window. A special thank you to #bansky for the use of his video on his website Next, we talked about the oil protesters vandalising great works of art.

Even though it is an important topic, we are not fans of destroying artwork, what’s next burning books and destroying religious symbols, I think you know what I’m talking about.

Then came our Instagram artists, I chose Nick Doyle, who is producing such great works, and informs us of his conceptual framework and his thought process.

Mark chose artist Jim Harris, who we don’t know much about. One thing is for sure, he has produced an unbelievable amount of work and we think all of it is quite impressive well done #jimharrisart

Thanks to Mark Elliott Smith and myself for having a go.

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