Living Too Late #7

Living too late podcast 7

This seventh podcast introduces some new intro music and a few art news items. We spoke about the usual studio art practice, some art news and fairs, and a few artists picked directly off of Instagram.

Mark introduces his latest painting; The Interconnecting Energy of Unifying Elements. We then discuss naming work and how we come up with the names of our work. Moving on, I introduce an art news story involving a school teacher and her pupils. We then try to tackle talking about artist photographer Sally Mann, looking at the controversial work and talking about the provocative nature of her work.

Art Basel was another topic for discussion and we try to find some good work at the biennale, which proved harder than you might think. Heimo Zobernig was one artist that came out of Art Basel, we discover and investigate his many different styles (without titles).

Our Instagram artists were William Lachance, and Vickie Vainionpaa.

Watch the podcast here:

Artist Podcast 7


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