Title: The FNG.

Painted by Ollie Smith

Completed: March 2, 2018.

Height: 120cm

Width: 120cm

Medium: Spray paints

Materials: On canvas

Availability: For sale

Price: £4,800.00


This painting is based on selected slang terms used during the Vietnam War. Each square either literally depicts a specific term or uses an icon or symbol that represents the meaning of the term selected. The squares are painted from top left to bottom right in alphabetical order. A – Archlight, B – Basketball, C- Comics, D – Dalgleish, E – , F – F4, G – Ghost, H – Ho Chi Min Shoes, I – Iron Triangle, J – John Wayne, K – Kill Zone, L – Leg, M – Mr 30, N – No Go Pill, O – The Big One, P – Pig 60, Q – Quad 4, R- Rabbit, S – Short Stick, T – Thud or Super Thud, U – UH1 , V – V Sign, W – White Mice, X – X-ray, Y – Yankee.