Title: Infinite 8.

Painted by Ollie Smith

Completed: February 11, 2022.

Height: 130cm

Width: 130cm


Materials: On canvas

Availability: For sale

Price: £1,950.00


This painting is finished with a layer of epoxy resin and hand painted using acrylic paints. It is the as the title suggests about the continuity that the figure 8 holds. That idea of infinity represented by a single number is what interested me. Again, the number as a subject is rife with theories, from fortune telling to spirituality and into nature.

Colours for the background were planned and executed in a non-creative way, the blocks of colour were measured depending on their colour and weight and then contrasted with one another without the number involved. The figure of a digital eight overlaid the block colours and colours were chosen to override the block colours.