Title: In Search of Ataraxia.

Painted by Ollie Smith

Completed: January 20, 2023.

Height: 100cm

Width: 100cm

Medium: Golden acrylic paints, Montana spray paints, Artist epoxy resin, Golden Isolation Coat, Golden Satin Varnish

Materials: On board


Price: £1,800.00


Part of the anti-philosophy series, these symbol-like images are more associated with objects that can be held in your hands. They are also mostly linked to play or rule-making. The exclamation mark is attempting to tie everything together. Top left is medicine – we have prescribed meds and must follow strict instructions. This comes at a time when I’m now taking pills for the rest of my life. The number 4 could be the number of a player and, perhaps strangely, is also an unlucky number in Chinese culture (it sounds like death, this could be an underlying theme in my work). Next is the whistle, which calls for a penalty of some kind or time up (another nod to mortality?), the butterfly. I associate them with play, beauty, light-heartedness and temporalness. The exclamation mark is a reaction, sudden change and effect. The toy revolver makes reference to play and to sport, and the dice can be gambling and role-playing or a game. The next image is the most bizarre. It’s actually a flower and is here for play, fantasy and discovery. Lastly, we have an 8 ball from some sort of billiards game or some kind of strategic ball game.

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