Title: Frag #2.

Painted by Ollie Smith

Completed: September 18, 2025.

Height: 91cm

Width: 91cm

Medium: spray paint

Materials: On board

Availability: For sale

Price: £1,250.00


This painting is from my fascination with the subject, which is that of a weapon carried quite frivolously hung on the hips and straps of the uniforms of movie soldiers since the invention of modern cinema. I do feel that there is something quite beautifully mesmerising with the engineering of the tool of war and destruction. This painting is painted onto sealed 18mm Poplar plywood and seized with Lascaux fine art primer. The object of the painting actually sits 3cm off the wall on a frame fixed on the reversed side. You can see from the details of this paintings that the board has been painted with luminous pink which slightly glows onto the surface of the wall.