Title: Are you OK?.

Painted by Ollie Smith

Completed: March 21, 2027.

Height: 120cm

Width: 120cm

Medium: acrylic paint, spray paint, epoxy resin

Materials: On board

Availability: For sale

Price: £1,850.00


Original painting for sale by Ollie Smith. Presenting hand drawn symbols, contrasted by form, colour and meaning. Introducing code, in this case a radio handle that asks ‘Are you ok?’.

Childlike shaky drawing meets precision in execution of the painting process.

Cartoon like dynamite drawing, playing card emblem and the code 10-3.
I’m becoming more and more facinated with the history of the playing card and the symbols used.
The Ace rose to more prestigious status in 1765 when England began to tax sales of playing cards, the ace was stamped to indicate that the tax had been paid and forging it became a crime.
We’ve all heard of the radio sign 10-4, I shouldn’t have to explain that it means an answer ‘OK’ or ‘I understand’. In this painting I’ve used the code 10-3 which represent the question, ‘Are you ok?’ or ‘Do you understand?’.
Back to the dynamite that has been bunched together like you might see in a movie or cartoon.