Title: Murmur.

by Kevin Killen

Completed: February 1, 2021.

Height: cm

Width: cm

Medium: Neon light


Availability: Not for sale



Murmur – light sculpture at The Market Place Theatre Armagh 2021

‘Murmur is a series of light arrangements – a map of the Alleyways of Armagh. My initial role was that of observer and photographer documenting the outlines created by city lights as I move though the alleyways. I have used the city streets as my canvas, the city lights are the ink and my camera becomes a drawing tool capturing these fleeting patterns in “light paintings”. This process involves a degree of chance. As the camera moves when I walk, accidents occur, recording unexpected images and adding spontaneity and playfulness to the light drawings. Objects and people imprint as black marks, as they obstruct the lights from the city and traffic. I deconstruct and visualise these photographic images in three-dimensional neon installations, translating the urban setting into kinetic light pulses. 

I wanted to include words and phrases gathered from the community during creative workshops. Their hand-written texts, describing Armagh and its Alleyways, have been layered onto the neon surface. 

There are two kinetic elements to Murmur. The rhythm of the neon going on and off reflects a person breathing and the importance of the spoken word is captured through the inclusion of a microphone which translates people’s voices into light impulses