Dream Jams Fuel 2022

Art Exhibition Dream Jams Fuel by Ollie SMith and Mark E Smith February 2022 featured image 2

Another successful art exhibition in 2022, artists Ollie Smith and Mark Elliott Smith put on an amazing exhibition of art, mostly including recent works of painting and drawings. The art exhibition was held at the Bristol based gallery Centrespace.

“We got off to a rocky start” explains Ollie Smith, “after arriving in Bristol, in the space of 5 minutes we had a couple of bums get into the cab of the van to steal something away, shooing them away, 5 minutes later I was confronted by another bum, who didn’t like the look of us and as I walked past him with one of Mark’s largest paintings he kicked me and tripped me up. Not wanting to get into a fight, I asked him what did you do that for? I was in absolute shock. I called the police, whom did show up… Thank god it wasn’t serious.”

Centrespace is an amazing space, problem is it is in one of the dirtiest, dingiest alleyways in Bristol, if there was an alley where you’d get mugged in, this was the place. The opening was full and the wine and drink were flowing, the response from mostly everyone was how strong and amazing it looked.

The exhibition was on for one week and was well received, the location of the gallery is the problem and unfortunately footfall was low. Putting on exhibition is hard work and costly, the results are no always great, yet we continue to attempt to find our audience. We hope you like what you see, please contact us if you are interested in representing an artist or want to collect their work.


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