What is the Living Too Late Collective?

Living Too Late is not just a name but a concept, brought about by the shared interests and experiences of the artists involved, coming together the Living Too Late artists may join forces to organise the commercial aspects of marketing their studio practice in the current art market both collectively and as individuals. The primary goals are to create our own opportunities as well as join in with established art events throughout the UK and internationally.

The online platform represented here by the Living Too Late website is inviting artists based within the UK to apply as members of the collective, where they can showcase their work and promote their studio practice by uploading their latest art and displaying their Instagram social media feeds.

All Living Too Late artists will be invited to exhibit at Black Chalk Studios in Bath once a year and also gives them the opportunity to be selected for art fairs that the "collective" will attend. We'd also like to exhibit at venues throughout the UK as well as internationally, where art is selected from current members.

Podcasting with artists

Hosted by artist Ollie Smith the Living Too Late podcast is made up of interviews with artists and group discussions on subjects within the art world arena, giving way to exploration of thoughts on and better understanding of those topics.

Interviews with professional artists sharing their thoughts, experiences and processes is an ongoing theme which is beginning to develop into a format where the conversation inform the artist's work. The hope is that these interviews and group discussions can help us to re-evaluate our own studio practices, whilst educating those that are still studying.

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